Bits and Bobs is an odd collection of many small things I make.  I've made very small funnels meant to help fill your oil dispenser without spilling oil all over the kitchen counter.  (Can you guess where the idea for these came from?  Let's just say my countertops are well oiled...).  I've found other uses for the funnels.  They're helpful for filling my little corked spice jars too.  I'll bet other ideas will come to you.  In addition to Funnels and Spice Jars you will find these other small but useful items here in Bits and Bobs: Sponge Holders, Round Shampoo Bar Dishes (like a soap dish only sized to fit a Shampoo Bar), Coffee (or anything else scoopable) Scoops, Citrus Reamers, and Honey Drizzlers.