Artist Statement 

       I love patterns. I’ve been drawn to them my whole life. As a child, I loved fabric stores and their aisles and aisles of colors and patterns. As an art college student I learned to restore oriental carpets in a Persian rug shop, deepening my love for their patterns. My understanding and appreciation grew to encompass a broader concept of pattern that includes visual patterns as well as structural, physical, musical, and historical patterns.
       My interest in patterns is evident in my work. In pots made for daily use I am inclined to pattern the surface with imagery and designs based on elements in my environment. These include flowers and plants that thrive in New England as well as patterns in the carpets I have on my floor. 
     The archived body of work I call “ What Would Heracles Do?” comes from my curiosity about the relationship between historical patterns and current events. Using ancient Greek pottery forms to epitomize western history, I’ve decorated their surfaces with imagery inspired by ancient Greek imagery depicting the “Labors of Heracles”. With a bit of dark humor, my imagery imagines scenes of a contemporary Heracles undertaking contemporary “labors” like climate change, reducing carbon emissions, and protecting sea lif